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Folder Inserters: DS-1200 G3

DS-1200 G3

The DS-1200 G3 is the third generation of the most flexible, efficient and easy-to-use mail inserting system on the market. Available with several insertion and accumulation speed options, as well as a wide range of feeding modules and reading capabilities, Neopost has a configuration to suit every need. Whether your applications are transactional, marketing or highly personalized, the DS-1200 G3 will help you process them with efficiency, accuracy and unrivalled integrity.

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-1200 G3 can be configured with the appropriate modules to meet your needs. Should your business requirements change, the DS-1200 G3 can be expanded to meet the workflow demands of a wide range of mailing applications.

DS-1000 Mail Inserter - Adapt your System

The DS-1200 G3’s fully automatic job change enables the user to complete a wide variety of applications, even involving different envelope sizes, in a single day. Operators can switch from one job to another in minutes not in one-half hour or more. This allows you to have minimum downtime between jobs.

DS-1000 Mail Inserter - Optimize business productivity

After reading and accumulation, the system determines which size envelope the mailpiece should be inserted into, based on your chosen criteria. The Full Format Module is capable of inserting up to 72 pages, plus up to eight inserts, and can be used in three different modes of operation.

DS-1000 Mail Inserter - Streamline mail processing

Simply selecting a new job on the large touch screen display, download individual programs to each module of the DS-1200 G3in seconds, saving you valuable setup time on new and recurring applications. Even changing envelope sizes and insert thickness is handled completely and automatically by the system, in less than the time it takes to load the hoppers. The simplicity of the software means that any operator can run the DS-1200 G3 efficiently.

DS-1000 Mail Inserter - Secure documents