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Folder Inserters: Print Machine

Print Machine

The PrintMachine family of software from Neopost is the smart way to automate your document output management process. It manages your whole outbound document flow from creation to distribution. Also, PrintMachine software optimizes each mailing to give you the lowest postal rate possible.

Available as part of PrintMachine, PE-150 Production Postage Printing Solution, is a Windows-based application that prints postage directly onto the document during the printing process. This high-speed solution produces postage at speeds independent of the customer's folder/inserter or traditional metering system, because it prints directly onto the document. This allows customers the ability to maximize the throughput of their inserters by eliminating the traditional metering step from the mailing process.

With PE-150, postage is added to the document after the print file has been generated from the customer's document output server. The indicia is visible through an envelope window and presented to the USPS as payment for the mailpiece.

PrintMachine Office Plus
shares many of the same features as PrintMachine, and is well suited for low- to mid-volume mailing operations.

Increase your productivity even further with PrintMachine. Exercise more control over your customer communications by leveraging PrintMachine's ability to take raw or preformatted forms, integrate corporate data, configure and apply unlimited business rules to personalize and selectively enhance the content and format of mailing documents before printing.

PrintMachine will also provide greater control of your mailing production run by adding optical mark recognition to automate folding inserting processes. It also support real time mail piece Integrity validation to guarantee end-to-end integrity from print to insertion for your mailing production runs. PrintMachine is perfect for low- to high-volume mailing operations.

With either version of PrintMachine software, you can simplify the preparation, processing, output and delivery of your business-critical communications! Take control of your document management process by using PrintMachine.

PrintMachine in the document preparation flow

PrintMachine Office Plus and PrintMachine share the following features:

Optimize Addresses
Achieve significant postal savings with PrintMachine. It integrates with CASS and PAVE certified address management software to reduce undeliverable mail.

Enhance Security
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) marks are added to preformatted documents, ensuring document integrity.

Maximize Effectiveness
Eliminate the cost of printing and storing pre-printed forms by personalizing customer communications with PrintMachine.

Group & Sort Documents
PrintMachine groups together independent documents destined for the same address into the same envelope, saving you postage and the cost for materials.

Improve Efficiency
The wizard-based interface makes document preparation easy.

Simple Integration
The most commonly used preformatted print data types are supported, allowing you to easily install and implement PrintMachine into your current document processing environment.