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The EasyTrack add-on service provides you with comprehensive visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS® mail stream. Efficiently monitor First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® letters and flats with useful, easily understandable reports based on the scan data collected by USPS automation equipment. Accurately predict when mail will be delivered and identify issues that may impact delivery.

  • Improve customer service
  • Monitor mail delivery windows
  • Identify processing delays
  • Predict response windows for direct mail campaigns
  • Ensure vendors are performing as contracted

EasyTrack helps you understand and anticipate progression from the time a mailing is deposited at USPS through the predicted delivery of individual mail pieces. When indicated by the Intelligent Mail® barcode, USPS makes the raw scan data collected as letters and flats pass through USPS automation equipment available to mailers. The EasyTrack service transforms this raw data into valuable reports, maps and other information you can actually use to improve your business and deliver more value to clients.