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Infuse Desktop

Infuse Desktop

You depend on accurate contact information to make business decisions, connect with prospects and customers, fulfill orders and control the costs of executing communications programs. It can be frustrating to discover how often this critical information isn’t accurate or complete. Satori Infuse Desktop gives you the power to clean, correct and update customer and prospect data — whenever needed — so you can more accurately estimate costs, predict response rates, improve sales and run your business more effectively.

Satori Infuse Desktop combines the availability and power of a desktop application with the convenience of a cloud-based service. Simply install the lightweight desktop application to identify and repair bad customer addresses, eliminate duplicates and replace out-of-date data.

  • Improve communications and response rates
  • Develop more compelling offers
  • Expedite delivery

With Satori Infuse Desktop, you control the accuracy of your customer data so you can more confidently meet the demands of your business. Now you can simplify the process of preparing lists for marketing campaigns, order fulfillment and more.