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DimStation XL

DimStation XL

DimStation XL is an economical workhorse offering instant dimensioning of any object in any orientation – including polybags, irregular shapes, and extra-large items. Accuracy is globally certified at 0.2 in|5 mm. Flexible mounting and XML-based API integration allow you to design your workflow for maximum efficiency. Use DimStation XL to improve space utilization, optimize shipment planning, and control shipping costs.

  • World’s fastest dimensioning
  • Dimensions any shape in any orientation
  • 0.2 in|5 mm accuracy, globally certified as legal for trade
  • Built-in imaging for verification, tracking, and claim protection
  • Invented and built in the USA
  • Super-reliable sealed unit with zero maintenance and no moving parts
  • Mounts anywhere over tables, scales and conveyors
  • XML-based API integration, plus turnkey integration with popular shipping software packages