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DimStation is a freestanding unit with integrated display, making it a complete solution for retail and industrial settings. With a 10-minute setup time and XML-based API integration, you’ll be up and dimensioning in no time. DimStation’s tiny footprint fits anywhere, so can you design your workflow for maximum efficiency. DimStation offers instant dimensioning of any object in any orientation – cubes, tubes, polybags and irregular shapes.

  • World’s fastest dimensioning
  • Dimensions any shape in any orientation
  • 0.2 in|5 mm accuracy, globally certified as legal for trade
  • Built-in imaging for verification, tracking, and claim protection
  • Super-reliable sealed unit with zero maintenance and no moving parts
  • Tiny footprint; deploy anywhere
  • Use with any USB-enabled scale or none at all
  • XML-based API integration
  • Invented and built in the USA