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EMS - Enhanced Mailing & Shipping

EMS - Enhanced Mailing & Shipping

Keeping the lines of communication open with customers is one area where businesses may fall short, not by any fault of their own. Much of it is due to incorrect addresses and lost packages in the mailing and shipping stream. These lost packages result in unaccounted mailing costs and unhappy customers. Besides eroding the bottom line, the expense of not communicating with a customer is even greater – it diminishes loyalty.

  • Multi-level accounting features enable users to assign and manage mail processing and package shipments, as well as align the cost to the appropriate department
  • Work-Ahead feature enables users to enter accounts for multiple batches of mail while the current batch runs in real time
  • Automatic fuel surcharge calculations eliminate any hidden carrier charges
  • Email notification for shipped, delivered or late deliveries
  • International mail advisor ensures shipments meet all rules and regulations for international deliveries.
  • Best Way rate comparison provides domestic and international rates for comparing rates and services levels
  • Online tracking, delivery status and signature capture for all carriers
  • Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IM®pb) compliant
  • Supported by Windows® 10

EMS has the most extensive set of analytical tools and reports in the market to help you save money, eliminate waste and maximize the delivery process:
  • Shape Up Advisor analyzes mail center operations and identifies where money can be saved. Plus it pinpoints departments that are the biggest spenders.
  • Advisor™ reports help analyze your company’s shipping operations and offer advice on ways to reduce costs.
  • PAR™ reports a package’s route and delivery status. This powerful program is set up with trigger emails that automatically send a delivery status to recipients.
  • What if Report provides analysis of actual usage by carrier including surcharges and fees, and also guides users to cost-saving alternatives.