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How do you make it easier for people to pick up packages on their schedule? How do you handle unsuccessful, misplaced and unaccountable deliveries? PackCity Intelligent Parcel Lockers are an automated electronic locker system that securely stores packages for easy consumer retrieval. They save time and money, providing a convenient and valuable service to residents and consumers.

Benefits of PackCity Parcel Lockers
  • Total security of packages and risk reduction of lost packages pricing
  • Complete tracking and accountability with a log of every package drop off and pick up – 100% chain of custody pricing
  • Reduction of labor and time with fewer resources required to deliver packages to lockers only and not having to drop off at every desk, station, etc. Labor savings can justify cost of system pricing
  • Eliminates the need for multiple deliveries and re-delivery attempts • Signature no longer required, electronic log record alleviates this pricing
  • 24/7 convenient access for parcel pick up pricing
  • Your choice of email or text notification to receive passcode