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Parcel Analytics

Parcel Analytics

Typically businesses have difficulty identifying excessive costs on service selection such as ground and various air service levels. Businesses are routinely charged for deliveries not made within service commitment levels, or at rates inconsistent with their agreed to levels with the provider. Parcel Analytics’ Web-based service provides a dashboard view into these various costs, quantifying the amounts of overspend and gives businesses a higher level of control of their shipping operations. Neopost offers three types of analytical tools for businesses to better understand shipping overspend and provides an opportunity to correct the problem.

  • ParcelCheck
  • ParcelScore
  • ParcelWatch

Offers a free snapshot of shipping overspend of expenditures. Provides a detailed report, in real time, of the overspend amount and problem at hand. It indicates how much a business has overspent, in shipping, in a given period and what a cumulative view would total. Provides the most complete service for a business to continually monitor shipping overspend.