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ProShip is a fully integrated, automated shipping and manifesting solution with the fastest, most certified carrier compliant services on the market. Due to its superior versatility, ProShip software caters to a wide variety of global businesses, professions and applications.

A quality choice when it comes to maximizing efficiencies in the supply chain.
  • Speed – fastest carrier rating engines in the industry.
  • Integration - integrates seamlessly with host systems and handles complex shipping methods, procedures and business rules across your entire global enterprise.
  • Implementation – a unified, single streamlined process with clear handoffs and deliverables, from sales to deployment to support.
  • Reliability – updates and business rule application are completed without downtime. Reliability is also ensured by powerful version control using GIT.
  • Enforces hazmat/dangerous goods compliance.
  • Most comprehensive analytics and reporting tools allowing real-time, 360 degree visibility through the entire shipping process.
  • Automates business rules unique to your company.
  • Fully featured SDK (software development kit) that can connect with any ERP, CRM and WMS, including home grown systems.
  • Rate shopping between your selected carriers is an automated process giving you the best value with every shipment while simplifying and streamlining your transportation decisions.