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WTS - Web Tracking System

WTS - Web Tracking System

Track inbound packages and business assets, anywhere, anytime.
Neopost provides the tools you need to automate and manage your operations. Whether it is by tracking the chain of custody of inbound packages or managing the logistics of your business assets, WTS by Neopost gives you the visibility you need to simplify and better manage processes in your organization. Available as either a cloud-based or on-premise software solution, Neopost has a Web Tracking System to meet your preference and business requirements.

  • Receive - Scan the carrier tracking number on incoming packages, select the recipient and enter any other data required
  • Deliver - Choose the fastest internal delivery route based on recipient location
  • Confirm - Capture recipient signature upon delivery

Tracking accountable mail and packages is only part of the story. WTS’ Asset Tracking Module enables you to track the internal movement and location of your organization’s physical corporate assets. Catalog, track and trace items such as electronic equipment, software licenses, furniture, tools, office supplies and much more.