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Software Solutions: MAS


MAS ( Mail Accounting Software )

Mail Accounting Software (MAS) from Neopost allows you to have direct access to all of your mail accounting data, anytime and anywhere.

A reliable, flexible solution for mailroom management
MAS's peripheral view dashboard allows you to constantly monitor mail activity. The system also offers unlimited account levels, making information available to users when they need it.

Better cost control and easier analysis for financial administration
MAS ensures the integrity of your mail data with up-to-date information and accuracy. Tracking your postal expenditures is made easier with the ability to view mail class usage, surcharges and department expenses at a moment's notice. Data can also be presented graphically, making data analysis easier and less time-consuming.

A simple, quick and easy-to-use system for mail center operators
The MAS main screen is simple to use, customizable, and offers support for users in four languages.

Gain total control over your postage expenses with Mail Accounting Software from Neopost.

  • Consolidate from multiple machines in multiple locations
  • View, print or export data for analysis
  • Track all postage expenses and maximize your savings
  • Easily set budgets and be alerted if expenditure exceeds limits