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Software Solutions: Mailroom Toolkit

Mailroom Toolkit

Designed to help you maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry and into the future. Protect your investment in lead-generation and customer retention programs. Increase your savings on document processing by adding integrated postal presorting and address verification.

  • Capture - Ideal for call centers and other data-entry oriented tasks. Save time and keystrokes. Enter minimal address data into the Capture rapid-entry window to complete and validate. Hit Enter to auto-populate local address collection forms with error-free address data.
  • Office - Designed specifically for integration with Microsoft® Office® applications like Excel® and Access®, MailRoom ToolKit Office delivers address correction and postal presorting. Access easy-to-use wizards for address correction, postal presorting and change-of-address processing through an integrated toolbar.
  • Architect - Develop an address management solution that meets your unique needs. Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website. Clean and update addresses in any database. Integrate postal presorting into your custom application. Architect is built on .NET and COM for easy integration and maintenance.