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Software Solutions: friendShip Navigator

friendShip Navigator

The friendShip Navigator Multi-Carrier Shipping Automation and Postal Accounting System is an advanced enterprise based, multi-carrier shipping automation system designed to help managers navigate through the complexities of today’s shipping and mailing options.

Using intuitive, easy to read menus combined with touch screen technology friendShip Navigator is the most user friendly shipping system on the market.

friendShip Navigator helps automate your shipping processes by allowing the shipment of parcels with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and local couriers from the same computer screen using a single ship-to database; collecting and reporting carrier shipping charges by identification codes for charge-back to originating departments or for carrier invoice reconciliation; sending shipment email notifications automatically to recipients and senders advising them when their package was shipped and when it will arrive; and more.

With friendShip Navigator interfaced to a Neopost IJ Series mailing system, operators can ship packages and process mail from the same simple user interface. Shipping charges and postage expenditures are automatically consolidated together into the same account identifiers for reporting.

friendShip Navigator can be programmed to export summary data for use in spreadsheets or internal accounting systems. Desktop computer Query client software is available for department managers or accounting personnel to access the friendShip Navigator application real-time for viewing or printing detailed summary reports directly from the database saving valuable accounting administration time.

friendShip Navigator is available in packages with software, electronic scales & shipping label printers or as a complete turnkey system which includes: software, pc-computer, keyboard, flat panel touch screen color monitor, electronic scale, label printer, postage meter interface, and various workstation peripherals.

Whether you are a small office, a large mail center, or a warehouse the timely shipment of important packages and overnight documents is one of the most important services to an organization. friendShip Navigator is the most versatile multi-carrier shipping solution to fill your needs.