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Neopost USA Introduces Next Generation of Mailing Systems


Neopost USA, announces the launch of the next generation of mailing systems. The latest addition to Neopost’s product line, the IN-600 and IN-700 series optimize efficiency and ensure quality, enabling businesses to manage their mail operations and control costs. Practical to use, and whisper quiet with a design that saves space and easily integrates into any business environment, this product series truly is the total solution for optimizing mail center management. Available in four models for various speed and processing needs, the IN-600 and IN-700 series allows the ability to hand feed or auto-feed your mail and several options to maximize your operational efficiency. The IN-600 and IN-700 series deliver versatility while maintaining Neopost’s commitment to building and shipping products in the most ecological manner. At first glance, you will notice the contemporary design with clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents, while maintaining the Neopost commitment to build and ship products in the most ecological manner. Both product series carry Neopost’s Eco label which indicates the implementation of key concepts to reduce or eliminate impact on the environment. Coupled with the Neopost iMeter™ postage meter and a full suite of Apps, the IN-600 and IN-700 series exceed the capabilities of a traditional mailing system, allowing you to maximize control of your postal expenses. They seamlessly integrate with Neopost’s optional Enhanced Mailing and Shipping (EMS) software offering a host of tools to manage costs, streamline operations and help build and maintain customer relationships.



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Neopost USA Launches Multi-Channel Document Delivery System
Neopost USA, a leading creator of scalable business solutions for the postal and related digital communications industry, today announces the launch of its Delivery Preference Manager (DPM), a unique solution that allows companies to continue to manage the sending of physical mail while enabling them to evolve to e-delivery options.

A simple yet powerful cloud-based solution, DPM helps companies manage their customers’ communication preferences and maximize their ability to easily send critical customer communications either through traditional mail or alternate digital channels.

Delivery Preference Manager from Neopost USA offers real-time reporting that enables companies to track the status of their electronic customer communications and easily manage exceptions. Robust reporting capabilities provide full audit trail and message tracking that displays customer opt-in status and message type. If an error is displayed, the sender can quickly take action by correcting the e-mail address or switching to physical mail delivery.

“Neopost has been in the mailing business for decades so we clearly understand the changes taking place in the industry. DPM is once again proof that Neopost provides solutions to our customers’ evolving needs so that they can prepare, deliver and manage their business communications, “ said Neopost USA President and CEO, Dennis P. LeStrange. “As the industry shifts more toward digital communications, we are ready and able to guide our customers through this changing landscape so that they can continue to grow and prosper with both physical and digital mail.”

Your website is an essential vehicle to communicate important news and promote products and solutions. Delivery Preference Manager uses an e-mail delivery method that drives more customers to your site, allows you to target them with specific offers and further promotes customer self- service.

By helping companies adapt to the market’s changing needs, DPM simplifies customer communications, helps reduce costs, enhances company image and improves overall customer satisfaction.
Posted on 12 Sep 2013 by Anza Team
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