Business owners know that direct mail to existing and new customers is still the best way to build relationships with consumers and B2B clients. Businesses of every size, from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to giant corporations within every industry, depend on optimized mail processing for their print communications.

So, what does an optimized mail processing system look like for a Raleigh business? It starts with economical choices in paper, ink, and mailing supplies, and it ends with considering the best class service for your business mail, which determines the speed of delivery and your costs.

A Raleigh mail processing service provider can ensure your business uses the most efficient mail processing to fit your bulk mail needs. This may include hundreds of letters, packages, promotional mailings, newsletters, new customer welcomes, and existing customer feedback mail.

Mail Processing and Preparation Options

When considering the best fulfillment options for your physical mail, you should look at both the cost of preparing the mailings and the final mail processing. Additionally, you will want to consider the mail recipient and their preferred method of communication.

Here are the best mail processing options for a company balancing different communication channels to best fit both the business’s and the customers’ needs:

In-house mail processing

For businesses with a typical volume of mailings, a centralized mailroom can be used to fulfill all mail prep and processing functions. With the right office equipment and postage machine, your employees can print, fold, stuff, meter, and mail letters and packages as customer demand requires.

Small to medium-sized businesses benefit from the increased control over the timing and costs of in-house mail processing, but only up to a certain point before the mail volume becomes cost and time prohibitive.

Digital mailroom services

Today, many companies use remote workers or have multiple geographical locations from which a wide variety of mail is generated. Consider a mail processing service that offers a secure online portal to upload and receive business mail documents.

A digital mailbox service may also charge a nominal fee to digitally access your print mail from anywhere and at any time. Ensure your company is equipped with the right software platforms to take advantage of digital mailroom services such as Adobe pdf, Google Drive, or Dropbox apps.

Outsourced mail processing

For companies that send bulk mailings, the best option may be to outsource their mail processing workflow. Office workers can quickly input documents and the mail processing requirements such as sorting, stuffing, and metering from any desktop or mobile computer. From here, a third party takes over the physical printing and mailing of your business documents.

You free up valuable employee time to focus on more important business activities when you outsource your mail processing. Not only do you reduce the load on your in-house IT systems, but the on-demand nature allows you to respond to seasonal peaks or increased customer demand quickly.

Integrate and automate

The best option for bulk mailings from multiple business locations and a remote workforce is an integrated mail processing service that uses the automation strengths of an outsourced vendor. This type of mail processing platform allows your business to personalize each mailing.

Mail processing automation is optimized for the most efficient handling of bulk mail with rapid digitization and printing of documents and clean postal addresses using USPS preferred addresses. Your company saves time and postage costs, while you also benefit from greater visibility with mail tracking.

Which Choice Is Best for Your Business?

To stay competitive in today’s fast-moving economy, businesses must take every opportunity to cut costs and increase efficiency. Optimizing your mail preparation and processing means you keep your customers engaged, and can potentially increase your profits as new and loyal existing customers are more favorably disposed to making a purchase.

To choose the right mail processing service for their needs, businesses should first assess how they best communicate with customers. While larger companies typically select a combination of print, digital, and outsourced services, smaller companies will likely benefit more by focusing on one option that makes the most sense for their operations.

If your business operations include lots of documentation, then you should also consider digital document management services for SMBs, along with mail processing. This gives you the benefit of personalized customer interactions in either print or digital mailing.

Engaging the right mail processor should result in a lower cost per mailing for your business. And, you should expect timely and accurate mail processing that will reflect a professional, high-quality image to your customers.

Partnering with industry-leader, Quadient, for mail processing services allows Anza Mailing Systems to help Raleigh and Cary businesses automate their print and digital resources and optimize their mailing operations. From a single platform, we can put your customer communications at your fingertips.

In addition to mail processing services, we are your one-stop source for printing ink and supplies and can offer a discount when our customers use Quadient postal meters to help offset postage increases by the USPS.

Contact Anza Mailing Systems today to discover which mail processing option makes sense for your Raleigh or Cary business. We offer flexible solutions that can be customized to meet your company’s industry and target audience.