The bigger your business grows, the more complicated your mail needs can become. As your company grows in scale, what used to involve the occasional quick trip to the post office can turn into a daily logistical challenge. Which employee will need to handle this mountain of outgoing mail on top of their other tasks? Will they be able to keep up with a high volume of letters without making errors?

An in-house postage meter brings invaluable post office services to you. This often-overlooked office tool streamlines your business’s mailroom. Postage meters save you time and money while giving you access to additional built-in features.

What Is a Postage Meter?

Postage meters are devices that calculate and print off the correct postage for the mail you’re sending. They are also known as mailing machines, postage printers, stamp machines, and mail meters. These devices are created and distributed by the US Postal Service. To get one, you’ll need to lease it from an authorized dealer or a manufacturer — this is usually with a one to five-year contract.

A postage meter can save your business a significant amount of time and money. The meter is highly accurate, and creates postage on the spot instead of having someone go to the post office and wait in line. You may also be able to access discounts on certain mail services such as express mail.

This accuracy is one of the strongest selling points. A meter acts like a line of defense against human error. Your employees won’t need to fumble with multiple stamps and overpay, nor will they accidentally underpay. Incorrect postage can delay critical mail items, costing your business valuable opportunities and creating a logistical headache. These highly accurate machines eliminate this risk.

What Features Can I Expect in A Postage Meter?

All postage meters can handle letter-sized mail. They come with an integrated scale and have the ability to dispense printed postage. Many models calculate postage for smaller, lighter packages, and specific units can also handle large, heavy, or unusually shaped boxes. The meters that deal with large packages tend to be bulky and more expensive to lease.

Many meters come with a variety of more advanced features. These can include:

  • input and output trays
  • automatic or semi-automatic feeding
  • differential vs. dynamic weighing options
  • envelope sealing
  • envelope stackers
  • tape dispensers
  • touchscreen operation
  • high letters per minute (LPM) processing speed
  • professional-looking metered imprints with logos
  • printing messages on the envelope itself
  • accountant-friendly reporting
  • color print options

These extra features may not be vital for a smaller business. However, they can speed up operations during busy seasons.

The simplest machines can be operated with just a few button presses. Meters with advanced capabilities like color printing may need to be operated by an employee with a little more technical knowledge.

Basic machines may run for a long time without a hitch, but advanced ones may need more frequent troubleshooting or maintenance.

Does My Business Need an In-House Mailing Machine?

In-house mailing machines can save your business time and money. They also give you access to features you might otherwise have to hire out to a third-party service. Their convenience and high functionality make them a great fit for companies of all sizes.

A postage meter is a highly time-efficient way to send mail and packages. Walking mail to the post office can take up a significant amount of a busy workday. In the COVID-19 era, many companies are also trying to limit the time that their employees are standing in line in crowded spaces. It’s far more convenient to simply take the mail to a machine in the building and handle everything there.

Your company can avoid wasting money through over-payment or underpayment thanks to these highly accurate devices. Also, USPS offers several discounts on postage printed by mailing machines. These include a one cent discount for first-class letters, among others. This may not sound like a lot, but it adds up. During busy advertising seasons, a company may send thousands of items of mail a month.

A mailing machine with the right accessories can also automate some very tedious parts of the workday, such as processing bulk mailings and sealing hundreds of envelopes. This frees up an employee’s time. It’s also more accurate. Each envelope looks like the last, perfectly sealed, with a crisp address and correctly placed postage. The result is much neater and more professional than one created by hand.

Finally, an in-house postage meter gives your company easy access to some powerful marketing tools. Many times, you only have one glance to attract a customer’s attention. A colorful logo or personalized message on the envelope can make it stand out in a stack of other delivered mail.

Your Mail’s in Good Hands with a Postage Meter

A postage meter streamlines your company’s mailing process. Instead of fiddling with different stamps or a time-consuming visit to your local branch of the USPS, these meters bring the post office to you. They can sort and weigh outgoing mail, calculating and printing off accurate postage each time. Many of these machines also come with time-saving extra features like envelope stackers or the ability to print attention-grabbing extras on envelopes.

Do you have more questions about postage meters? Would you like to discover more about how they can handle your Raleigh business’s mailing needs? Contact Anza Mailing Systems today, and we’ll be happy to talk about your options.