For many owners, having a mailroom is crucial to the business. Dedicated staff sorts, distributes, and receives mail, ensuring everything goes as expected. But operating a mailroom takes more than office space and a specialized staff. Business owners will also have to invest in the right mailing equipment. While many types of mailing devices exist, some are more important than others. Here, we’ll cover some essential mailing equipment options for your business’s mailroom.

Important Mailing Equipment for a Comprehensive Mailing System

To efficiently process and distribute incoming and outgoing mail, it helps to think of equipment operating in a type of system. Each machine completes a specific task and should be operated by a professional. Setting up correctly leads to better efficiency and reduces the time needed for processing mail.

Some typical mailing equipment examples include a postage meter, a mail sorting system, mail collection boxes, openers, sealers, digital mail sealers, software, shredders, and barcode scanners.

It’s worth adding that not all companies will need all the mailing equipment listed here. For example, law firms might prioritize effective distribution and sorting. They might focus on organization tools and things like openers and sealers. Companies that place a high priority on going digital might gravitate toward document management solutions and software. Other examples, like a postage meter, can save you money on direct mailing no matter what kind of industry you work in.

Let’s look at some of the more important mailing equipment options and how they contribute to the overall system.

Postage Meters

When designing your mailroom, postage meters are essential. They apply the correct postage amounts to outgoing mail by analyzing the weight, type, class, and destination. They’re commonly integrated with stamp appliers, eliminating the need for manual stamping.

These machines usually come with software and accounts. After logging in, you can buy postage credits. This saves you a trip to the post office and lets you send your mail while paying the right amount. Buying credits at once is a cost-effective solution. Using a postage meter is also more convenient and saves mailroom employees time in the long run. Since postage meters are a piece of highly accurate mailroom equipment, they can also help reduce errors for underpaying and overpaying in postage. 

Postage meters are easily integrated into workflows and are best for companies that need to send mail in bulk, such as marketing material.

Address and Envelope Printers

Want to increase your mailroom’s efficiency? Then, address and envelope printers are an excellent way to do so. These devices print return addresses, recipient addresses, and other mailing information on envelopes and mailing material.

Many of these devices are built for bulk, making the process as fast as possible. This piece of mailing equipment can make the job easier for companies that need to send mail campaigns, invoices, and statements.

Folders and Inserters

Folders and inserters are another important type of mailing equipment needed to streamline the workflow.

Folders and inserters essentially fold documents and mail before inserting them in the right envelope before they are sent to recipients. This can eliminate the need to fold and prepare a large volume of mail. You adjust the folding parameters for the machine and ensure it has the envelopes it needs.

You then feed it with the appropriate documents for processing.

Companies dealing with a high volume of mailing paperwork will benefit from these machines.

That includes healthcare institutions, finance institutions, law firms, and others who need to send outgoing invoices.


Mailing Equipment like feeders are essentially used for integration between multiple mailroom devices. A feeder will “feed” documents, envelopes, and other materials into inserters, folders, and envelope printers. They automate the system further, eliminating the need to operate mailing equipment one document at a time manually.

They’re best for companies that place high value on speed and efficiency. While not necessary for all mailrooms, they make a difference in efficiency.

Mailing Boxes, Carts, Trays, and Tubs

All mailing rooms should have various containers, making distributing and transporting mail easier for professionals. For example, each mailroom will have a designated box for outgoing mail that will later be sorted before it is sent.

Color-coated trays are essential for easy sorting, while tubs and carts help professionals deliver mail to the proper departments easily.

No matter how much mail a company sends, these containers are essential mailing equipment for organization and efficiency.

Mailing Software

While technically not physical mailing equipment, integrating software into a mailroom can increase effectiveness and even save costs in the long run. Multiple options can create custom mailing lists, design templates, and find important mailing information.

Other software might specialize in logistical issues like tracking and reporting how close your outgoing mail is to your desired destination.

While all businesses can benefit from mailing software, it helps organizations with a large customer base.

Choosing the Right Devices

While mailing equipment can be essential, choosing the right devices for your organization may be difficult. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Assess your needs – Consider the volume of mail you send and receive. Is everything being done in time? What could be streamlined that currently isn’t? If you have a dedicated mailroom staff, ask them about any problems they face.
  • Consider priorities – Start with mailing equipment you can’t do without for efficiency and timeliness. You don’t have to buy all the necessary equipment at once.
  • Determine your budget – Your budget includes long-term costs such as consumables, not just the mailing equipment itself.
  • Go with experienced and trusted providers – Mailing equipment is a significant investment. When searching for a provider, look for companies that are highly experienced and have built up a good reputation.

Mailing Equipment and Optimization

To optimize your business’s overall workflow, you’ll need a personalized approach to your mailing solutions. Anza Mailing Systems provides hardware and software for maximum efficiency, productivity, and long-term cost savings. We analyze your document workflow and identify improvement points before applying our guaranteed solutions.

If you’re a business in Cary, Raleigh, or The Triangle business, contact Anza Mailing Systems to improve your mailroom and skyrocket your efficiency.