The parcel locker system is by no means a novelty. However, parcel lockers have become more prominent in recent years, especially during and after the global pandemic. These lockers represent a more convenient solution for package delivery and pickup, especially when it comes to larger packages. In the era of e-commerce and massive online shopping volumes, parcel lockers make matters easier for everyone, from delivery services to recipients. Whether you’re running an apartment complex or need a mailing solution for your business, offering your clients a parcel locker solution will be ideal. Here’s what you need to know about parcel lockers.

What Are Parcel Lockers?

Essentially, a parcel locker is a storage box that you can lock and secure any package within it. As a delivery solution, parcel lockers are efficient, safe, and quite simple to use. Despite their simplicity, they represent one of the most convenient options for mail and any other package type. Better yet, there are smart parcel lockers that bring additional functionality to the picture.

A smart parcel locker is integrated into specialized software that makes locker management and access even easier. These lockers are particularly handy for businesses that want to ensure their clients have the most up-to-date service.

Parcel lockers are useful for numerous organizations and in various settings. In private use, they can be an excellent option for apartments or complexes housing multiple families. On the other hand, in a business environment, parcel lockers can find use in offices and other coworking spaces, retail stores, and similar locations.

In terms of functionality, the main advantage of parcel lockers in the delivery chain is that package signing and receipts become obsolete. Plus, there’s no need to schedule particular delivery times – a package can be delivered and picked up at any time it’s convenient.

Using a parcel locker is relatively simple and consists of a few straightforward steps. First, the delivery service delivers the package to the locker. To unlock the locker, the carrier needs to provide the appropriate code, barcode, or QR scan.

When the package is in the locker, the recipient receives an automatic text or email notification. Besides being notified of the package’s arrival, the recipient is also provided with a code corresponding to the specific parcel locker. Finally, the recipient goes to the locker and uses the provided code to open it.

The Advantages of Having Parcel Lockers

Ease of use isn’t the only advantage that parcel lockers provide. In fact, there are several notable benefits of using a parcel locker that is well worth your client’s attention.

Reduced Expenses

Since they’re more efficient compared to traditional delivery types, parcel lockers may bring down delivery costs. In fact, better cost-effectiveness might be a reason why this locker type is deemed necessary in certain apartment buildings, as well as business premises.

With parcel locker delivery, additional services like sorting and package redistribution aren’t needed. This makes parcel lockers particularly efficient for office buildings where regular mail otherwise must be redistributed to different floors and offices.

Safety and Security Improvements

Mail theft is, unfortunately, an issue that doesn’t seem to go away even with sufficient patrolling. Traditional mailboxes are much more susceptible to this type of crime while parcel lockers have proven relatively resistant to it.

Because the codes are new for each instance of using the locker, they eliminate the chances of hacking or even accidental mix-ups. Better yet, parcel lockers are commonly grouped in public areas. In other words, the location alone makes it less likely for theft or robberies to take place. As an additional safety bonus, areas with parcel lockers are often covered with video surveillance. In such cases, security personnel, service professionals, or property managers monitor the footage.


Reliability is among the greatest benefits of using a parcel locker. The delivery is centralized, which means the delivery service doesn’t have to go to different locations or offices. As a result, it’s highly unlikely your package will end up at the wrong place. Accuracy is almost certain, which is a big relief for carriers and recipients alike.

From the recipient’s perspective, reliable service comes combined with the convenience of complete flexibility. Access to the package isn’t limited to a particular time of day, and there’s usually a window of up to two weeks during which the recipient can get their package. From the moment the package arrives, the recipient will have absolute control over when to accept delivery.

What Makes for a Quality Parcel Locker Service?

There are several considerations when choosing a parcel locker service, and it’s worth weighing your options to discern between the numerous offers in the market. Let’s go through the most important criteria.

First, there’s reliability. Like all services, parcel lockers must be provided by a reputable company. Ideally, the service should be focused on customer care, foolproof delivery, and advanced security. Convenience comes next, as this is one of the standout features of a parcel locker. Recipients must have plenty of time to get their packages and shouldn’t be limited by a strict schedule.

Finally, security will be vital: A parcel locker needs to be sturdy and locked firmly. There are also self-closing variants that shut the locker door automatically, enhancing security.

The size of the locker itself is also worth considering. While parcel lockers come in standard size (height of 15 inches), different recipients may need larger lockers. The default volume of the locker will be sufficient even for larger packages, but it’s always best to check whether the actual capacity fits the end user’s needs.

Provide Your Clients With the Best Parcel Locker Service

Parcel lockers are the standard in numerous businesses across many industries. This is particularly true in real estate and educational institutions like universities and colleges, but applies to shops and corporate businesses, too. If there’s a need for reliable, safe, and relatively flexible mail or package delivery, a parcel locker will be the solution. Best of all, you can get the perfect parcel lockers for your clients from Anza Mailing Solutions. If you’re in the Cary, Raleigh, or Triangle area and are interested in offering the very best to your customers, contact us and see what we can offer.