Even in our modern world of technology and digital formats, the good ol’ fashioned mail service is still a massive part of many enterprises today. Millions of businesses worldwide still need to process and send physical documents via snail mail, which can be time-consuming. Or is it? Mailing equipment dealers can help match you to the right device to your needs and budget to streamline your business mail operations and reduce operating costs.

The First Step: Understanding Your Options

Mailing equipment refers to the software and physical equipment needed to support mailing systems for a company. This includes, but is not limited to, address printers, label appliers, letter folders and inserters, pressure envelope sealers, and postage appliers.

Many systems include a software component that also allows businesses to store consumer and partner information electronically for easy access, keeping addresses and contact information in one place. These systems can also sync with the United States Postal Service rates and regulations, ensuring the lowest pricing options are available.

Mailing equipment and systems save valuable time and money by automating an extremely manual process.

Understanding all options is essential when choosing a piece of mailing equipment or software component. Businesses should consider their current mail processing system and zoom in on the inefficiencies. Budget is also a consideration as equipment can be expensive, and software involves staff training. However, this should be balanced against the potential time and money saved in the long run.

On the one hand, there are simple, introductory mail equipment additions like envelope sealers and postage appliers. These might be an excellent place to start for businesses that are a little hesitant at first about adding new systems or have budget restrictions.

Depending on a business’s model and needs, an all-in-one machine like a folder/inserter might be better with an added address printer and postage applier. Folder/inserter machines are designed with a feeder system that takes a sheet of paper, folds it to the correct size and dimensions of an envelope, inserts the document into an envelope, and seals it. Then, all of the stuffed and sealed envelopes can be fed through the address printer and onto the postage applier. With three automated machines completing the job, stuffed, sealed, addressed, and stamped envelopes are ready to be sent in the mail in no time.

Automated machines like the folder/inserted outlined above can vary in speeds ranging from twenty envelopes to TWO HUNDRED envelopes per minute.

Other machine options like electronic postage scales and meters, for example, accurately weigh and provide rates without employees ever having to step foot in a physical post office. For businesses big and small, saving money simply by having accurate postage rates based on weight can make a huge difference.

The long story short is there are many mailing equipment and software options out there, so a good next step is to reach out to a dealer.

How to Vet Potential Mailing Equipment Dealers

For business owners, deciding which mailing equipment and/or software is the best option for their company doesn´t have to be done alone.

Mailing equipment dealers will work with a business directly and help business owners understand all the associated options and costs.

Some dealers stay with your company’s account even after the sale. This way, a business has a direct line of contact for ongoing service and support, and as the company’s needs change or grow, they can work with someone already familiar with their nuances and structure.

Vetting mailing equipment dealers is similar to vetting any other service provider. Business owners want to find a dealer they can trust to help make the best decision for their company.

Finding a mailing equipment dealer can be as simple as a local Google search or a recommendation from a fellow business owner in the area, but vetting is a little more involved.

It’s recommended to compare dealers before deciding, and below are a few questions to help business owners get started:

  • Do they have an easy-to-navigate and modern website?
  • Is there clear information on their website?
  • Are there online reviews you can read?
  • Are they upfront with pricing?
  • How robust are their equipment and service options?
  • Do they offer multiple brands of equipment?
  • Do they have an in-house service department, or do they outsource?
  • Are there any videos or online demos?
  • Is it easy to contact them?
  • Is there an option for a free quote or an in-person consultation?

After the following questions have been assessed, business owners should probably have a handful of suitable options to move forward.

Dig Deeper to Determine if Your Chosen Mailing Equipment Dealer is a Match

Many businesses want a mailing equipment and service dealer with them in the long run, so customer service is an important factor. There are also additional considerations, such as industry accreditations and certifications that further solidify a dealer’s level of professionalism and knowledge.

These are just two examples of how business owners can dig deeper into choosing the best dealer to match with their company, but a few others include the following:

  • Asking a dealer for referral information and connecting with current clients
  • Proving high customer service ratings with dealer survey results
  • Meeting a dealer to assess personal interaction
  • Diving into a dealer’s ongoing support services throughout the contract duration
  • Asking a dealer to provide a cost-savings analysis for the business
  • Are there cost-saving benefits for being a client over time or bundles?
  • Are they flexible in their options and open to brainstorming with an owner?

It’s recommended that business owners take their time and truly find the best match that serves the business in the longer term.

If you would like to speed up mail processing for your Cary business, then contact Anza Mailing Systems today. We’ll show you exactly how it all works so you can make informed decisions that are good for your company